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Nystrom D. Colorimetric and Multispectral Image Acquisition

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Nystrom D. Colorimetric and Multispectral Image Acquisition
Диссертация, Linköping University, 2006, -150 pp.
The trichromatic principle of representing color has for a long time been dominating in color imaging. The reason is the trichromatic nature of human color vision, but as the characteristics of typical color imaging devices are different from those of human eyes, there is a need to go beyond the trichromatic approach. The interest for multi-channel imaging, i.e. increasing the number of color channels, has made it an active research topic with a substantial potential of application.
To achieve consistent color imaging, one needs to map the imaging-device data to the device-independent colorimetric representations CIEXYZ or CIELAB, the key concept of color management. As the color coordinates depend not only on the reflective spectrum of the object but also on the spectral properties of the illuminant, the colorimetric representation suffers from metamerism, i.e. objects of the same color under a specific illumination may appear different when they are illuminated by other light sources. Furthermore, when the sensitivities of the imaging device differ from the CIE color matching functions, two spectra that appear different for human observers may result in identical device response. On contrary, in multispectral imaging, color is represented by the object’s physical characteristics namely the spectrum which is illuminant independent. With multispectral imaging, different spectra are readily distinguishable, no matter they are metameric or not. The spectrum can then be transformed to any color space and be rendered under any illumination.
The focus of the thesis is high quality image-acquisition in colorimetric and multispectral formats. The image acquisition system used is an experimental system with great flexibility in illumination and image acquisition setup. Besides the conventional trichromatic RGB filters, the system also provides the possibility of acquiring multi-channel images, using 7 narrowband filters. A thorough calibration and characterization of all the components involved in the image acquisition system is carried out. The spectral sensitivity of the CCD camera, which can not be derived by direct measurements, is estimated using least squares regression, optimizing the camera response to measured spectral reflectance of carefully selected color samples.
To derive mappings to colorimetric and multispectral representations, two conceptually different approaches are used. In the model-based approach, the physical model describing the image acquisition process is inverted, to reconstruct spectral reflectance from the recorded device response. In the empirical approach, the characteristics of the individual components are ignored, and the functions are derived by relating the device response for a set of test colors to the corresponding colorimetric and spectral measurements, using linear and polynomial least squares regression.
The results indicate that for trichromatic imaging, accurate colorimetric mappings can be derived by the empirical approach, using polynomial regression to CIEXYZ and CIELAB. Because of the media-dependency, the characterization functions should be derived for each combination of media and colorants. However, accurate spectral data reconstruction requires for multi-channel imaging, using the model-based approach. Moreover, the model-based approach is general, since it is based on the spectral characteristics of the image acquisition system, rather than the characteristics of a set of color samples.
Color fundamentals
Device characterization
Calibration of the image acquisition system
Spectral sensitivity estimation
Model-based spectral reconstruction
Colorimetric and spectral reconstruction using empirical characterization
Summary and future work
A: Device calibration data
B: Spectral sensitivity estimation data
C: Empirical characterization data
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