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Young Chris. Garden Design

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Young Chris. Garden Design
DK Publishing, 2009. — 361 с.
The concept of garden design is nothing new: when Man first cultivated land, and enclosed his arable crops and livestock, he was delineating usable space to its best advantage. This may not be design as we understand it now (obviously, aesthetics were of no practical value then), but he was making spatial relationships based on need. He was designing his environment to suit his individual daily, monthly, and yearly requirements.
Since that time, the process of creating a garden has evolved according to style, fashion, prowess, skill, aptitude, wealth, travel, experimentation, and history, but it can all be distilled down to that first need. In essence, it is all about a human being exerting some level of control over his or her own surroundings. And, really, that is all garden design is today.
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