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Wang M. (ed.) Lithography

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Wang M. (ed.) Lithography
InTech, 2010. — 656 p. — ISBN 978-953-307-064-3.
Abstracting and non-profit use of the material is permitted with credit to the source. Statements and opinions expressed in the chapters are these of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of the editors or publisher. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of information contained in the published articles. Publisher assumes no responsibility liability for any damage or injury to persons or property arising out of the use of any materials, instructions, methods or ideas contained inside. After this work has been published by the Intech, authors have the right to republish it, in whole or part, in any publication of which they are an author or editor, and the make other personal use of the work.
Сборник статей по новейшим методам литографии. Рассматриваемые темы включают ионно- и электроннолучевую литографию, лазерную литографию, иммерсионную фотолитографию, литографию в дальней ультрафиолетовой области спектра, наноимпринтную литографию, методы коррекции эффекта близости, изготовление проекционных объективов сверхвысокого разрешения, новейшие достижения в технологии фоторезистов, и др.
Advanced Photolithography
Direct Laser Lithography and Its Applications. Hyug-Gyo Rhee.
High Aspect Ratio Sloping and Curved Structures Fabricated by Proximity and UV-LED Backside Exposure. Yoshinonori Matsumoto.
Influence of Immersion Lithography on Wafer Edge Defectivity. K. Jami, I. Pollentier, S. Vedula and G. Blumenstock.
Femtosecond Laser Nonlinear Lithography. Hiroaki Nishiyama and Yoshinori Hirata.
Improving the Efficiency of Pattern Extraction for Character Projection Lithography using OPC Optimization. Hirokazu Nosato, Hidenori Sakanashi, Masahiro Murakawa and Tetsuya Higuchi.
Manufacturing and Investigating Objective Lens for Ultrahigh Resolution Lithography Facilities. N.l. Chkhalo, A.E. Pestov, N.N. Salashchenko and M.N. Toropov.
Advances in Resist Materials and Processing Technology: Photonic Devices Fabricated by Direct Lithography of Resist/Colloidal Nanocrystals Blend. Antonio Qualtieri, Tiziana Stomeo, Luigi Martiradonna, Roberto Cingolani and Massimo De Vittorio.
A Method for Optical Proximity Correction of Thermal Processes: Orthogonal Functional Method. Sang-Kon Kim.
EUV and X-Ray Lithography
СО2 Laser Produced Tin Plasma Light Source as the Solution for EUV Lithography. Akira Erdo.
Grazing Incidence Mirrors for EUV Lithography Mariana Braic. Mihai Balaceanu and Viorel Braic.
Steady-state and Time-dependent LPP Modeling White. Dunne, and O'Sullivan.
Nano-crystalline Diamond Films for X-ray Lithography Mask Linjun Wang. Jian Huang, Ke Tang and Yiben Xia.
E-Beam and Ion Beam Lithography
High-energy Electron Beam Lithography for Nanoscale Fabrication. Cen Shawn Wu, Yoshiyuki Makiuchi and ChnDong Chen.
Optimal Design and Fabrication of Fine Diffractive Optical Elements Using Proximity Correction with Electron-beam Lithography. Masato Okano
Independent-exposure Method in Electron-beam Lithography. Do-Kyun Woo and Sun-Kyu Lee.
The Interdependence of Exposure and Development Conditions when Optimizing Low-Energy EBL for Nano-Scale Resolution. Mohammad A. Mohammad, Taras Fito, Jiang Chen, Steven BusweH, Mirwais Aktary, Steven K. Dew and Maria Stepanova.
Computer Simulation of Processes at Electron and Ion Beam Lithography. Part 1: Exposure Modeling at Electron and Ion Beam Lithography. Katia Vutova and Georgi Mladenov.
Computer Simulation of Processes at Electron and Ion Beam Lithography. Part 2: Simulation of Resist Developed Images at Electron and Ion Beam Lithography. Katia Vutova, Elena Koleva and Georgy Mladenov.
Soft Lithography
Soft Lithographic Fabrication of Micro Optic and Guided Wave Devices. Angel Flores and Michael R. Wang.
Application of Soft Lithography for Nano Functional Devices. Shin-Won Kang.
Fabrication of SiC-based Ceramic Microstructures from Preceramic Polymers with Sacrificial Templates and Softlithography Techniques. Tae-Ho Yoon, Lan-Young Hong and Dong-Pyo Kim
Soft Lithography, a Tool to Address Single-Objects Investigations. Aline Cerf and Chhstophe Vieu.
Nanoimprint Lithography
Nanoimprint Lithography. Hongbo Lan and Yucheng Ding.
Nanoimprint Lithography. Thomas Glinsner and Gerald Kreindl.
Effect of Applying Ultrasonic Vibration in Hot Embossing and Nanoimprint. Harutaka Mekaru.
Molecular Dynamics Study on Mold and Pattern Breakages in Nanoimprint Lithography. Masaaki Yasuda, Kazuhiro Tada and Yoshlhiko Hirai.
Three Dimensional Nanoimprint Lithography using Inorganic Electron Beam Resist. Jun Taniguchi and Noriyuki Unno.
Three-Dimensional Patterning using Ultraviolet Nanoimprint Lithography. Maan M. Alkaisi and Khairudin Mohamed.
Plasmonic Lithography and Nano Patterning
Metal Particle-Surface System for Plasmonic Lithography. V. M. Murukeshan, К. V. Sreekanth and Jeun Kee Chua.
Nanosphere Lithography for Nitride Semiconductors. Wai Yuen Fu and Hoi Wai Choi.
Micro- and Nanopatterning of Surfaces Employing Self Assembly of Nanoparticles and Its Application in Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering. Claus Burkhardt, Kai Fuchsberger, Wilfried Nisch and Martin Stelzle.
Strategies for High Resolution Patterning of Conducting Polymers. Lin Jiang and Lifeng Chi.
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