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Hänsler E., Schmidt G. (eds.) Speech and Audio Processing in Adverse Environments

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Hänsler E., Schmidt G. (eds.) Speech and Audio Processing in Adverse Environments
Springer, 2008. — 751 p.
Users of signal processing systems are never satisfied with the system they currently use. They are constantly asking for higher quality, faster performance, more comfort and lower prices. Researchers and developers should be appreciative for this attitude. It justifies their constant effort for improved systems. Better knowledge about biological and physical interrelations coming along with more powerful technologies are their engines on the endless road to perfect systems.
This book is an impressive image of this process. After Acoustic Echo and Noise Control published in 20041 many new results lead to Topics in Acoustic Echo and Noise Control edited in
20062. Today – in 2008 – even more new findings and systems could be collected in this book. Comparing the contributions in both edited volumes progress in knowledge and technology becomes clearly visible: Blind methods and multi input systems replace humble low complexity systems. The functionality of new systems is less and less limited by the processing power available under economic constraints.
The editors have to thank all the authors for their contributions. They cooperated readily in our effort to unify the layout of the chapters, the terminology, and the symbols used. It was a pleasure to work with all of them. Furthermore, it is the editors concern to thank Christoph Baumann and the Springer Publishing Company for the encouragement and help in publishing this book.
Speech Enhancement
Low Delay Filter-Banks for Speech and Audio Processing
A Pre-Filter for Hands-Free Car Phone Noise Reduction: Suppression of Harmonic Engine Noise Components
Model-Based Speech Enhancement
Bandwidth Extension of Telephony Speech
Dereverberation and Residual Echo Suppression in Noisy Environments
Low Distortion Noise Cancellers – Revival of a Classical Technique
Echo Cancellation
Nonlinear Echo Cancellation Based on Spectral Shaping
Signal and System Quality Evaluation
Telephone-Speech Quality
Evaluation of Hands-free Terminals
Multi-Channel Processing
Correlation-Based TDOA-Estimation for Multiple Sources in Reverberant Environments
Microphone Calibration for Multi-Channel Signal Processing
Convolutive Blind Source Separation for Noisy Mixtures
Binaural Speech Segregation
Spatio-Temporal Adaptive Inverse Filtering in the Wave Domain
Selected Applications
Virtual Hearing
Dynamic Sound Control Algorithms in Automobiles
Towards Robust Distant-Talking Automatic Speech Recognition in Reverberant Environments
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