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Williams F.A. Combustion Theory

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Williams F.A. Combustion Theory
Second Edition. Westview Press, 1985. 704 р. — ISBN:0-8053-9801-5.
Truly remarkable progress has been achieved in combustion theory during the 20 years since the completion of the first edition of this book. Because of this progress, when the first edition went out of print about 5 years ago, it was clear that a reprinting could no longer serve to bring readers to the frontiers of the subject. Revision of the entire text was needed, and I undertook the revision without realizing that it would require as much time as writing the first edition. Although it is regrettable that the bookhas been unavailable during the preparation of the second edition, it seemed best to try to complete as good a revision aspossible instead of rushing into print. Thus consideration- has been given to changes throughout ; none of the chapters survived without modification, and outdated chapters have disappeared entirely and have been replaced by chapters devoted to new material of importance in the subject.
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