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Park K., Daston L. The Cambridge History of Science, Volume 3: Early Modern Science

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Park K., Daston L. The Cambridge History of Science, Volume 3: Early Modern Science
Cambridge University Press, 2006. - 839 pp.
"This book is an excellent source for current thinking on Early Modern Science. The chapters are writtten by the leading shcolars n their respective fields. This book, along with the rest of the Cambridge History of Science series, belongs in all academic and large public libraries." - American Reference Books Annual
"The real value of the volume, in my eyes at least, is its contribution to _early modern_ history.The breadth and range of the volume is breathtaking and, hard as I tried, I could think of little that was lacking. virtually the entire social and cultural panorama of early modern society receives intelligent and sophisticated coverage.it should be mandatory reading for every early modernist, no matter his or her particular scholarly orientation." - H-German
"Individually the contributions to this volume are thoughtful, well-researched summations of the state of the art in their specific topical areas. As such they constitute a useful disciplinary resource for teachers but also mark the way for the next generation of extensions, revisioins and syntheses." - Jole Schakelford, University of Minnesota
".a short review cannot do justice to the breadth of the individual essays or the volume as a whole. This work is as comprehensive as humanly possible on such a various, wide-ranging subject, and it would be unfair to mention lacunae." - Sixteenth Century Journal

Product Description
This volume is a comprehensive account of knowledge of the natural world in Europe, ca. 1500-1700. Often referred to as the Scientific Revolution, this period saw major transformations in fields as diverse as anatomy and astronomy, natural history and mathematics. Articles by leading specialists describe in clear, accessible prose supplemented by extensive bibliographies, how new ideas, discoveries, and institutions shaped the ways in which nature came to be studied, understood, and used.
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