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Mike Ashby. Materials and Design

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Mike Ashby. Materials and Design
Butterworth-Heinemann An imprint of Elsevier Science, 2002. - 336 p.
Books on material selection – and there are many – focus on finding a match between material properties and the technical requirements of a design. There are now well-developed methods
for doing this, supported by sophisticated software tools. Together they form the basis for the teaching of materials selection in engineering programs around the world. But these programs
frequently ignore, or at best devote little attention to what might be called the art of materials – the role they play in industrial design. This may be because the more technical aspects of engineering form a structured, analytical field that can be recorded and taught as a set of formal procedures. Industrial design cannot so easily be formulated as a method; it relies instead on visual thinking: on sketching and modeling; on color, texture and feel; on creating product personality. Product design combines both, requiring technical excellence to create a product that functions properly, safely and at acceptable cost, and excellence of industrial design to create its aesthetic appeal and perceived value.
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