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Lipscombe S., Davis R. Max and Millie's Playbook 1

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Lipscombe S., Davis R. Max and Millie's Playbook 1
Longman, 1992. — 46 p.
Part of a two-level introductory course for three to six-year-olds. With the help of Max and Millie, two friendly monsters, children learn to say and understand useful language items. The course can be used to study either American or British English.
Max and Millie's Playbook 1 can be used for teaching elementary English such as numbers, animals and fruits. A variety of activities, including connect-the-dots and matching, ensures that children have fun as they learn!
Key Features
Developmentally appropriate activities and crafts Target language covers everyday objects, shapes, numbers, colors, using English expressions and a limited selection of simple words The audio and flashcards feature all of the songs and illustrations for both Books 1 and 2 Easy-to-follow syllabus and Teacher's Books provide a variety of activities to keep Young Learners motivated.
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