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Britz Patrick, Allred Alexandra Powe. Athletic Scholarships For Dummies

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Britz Patrick, Allred Alexandra Powe. Athletic Scholarships For Dummies
Athletic Scholarships For Dummies®. Wiley Publishing, 2006. 337 стр. Язык английский.
О том, как получить стипендию для спортсменов, - для чайников.
Part I: The World of College Sports
Getting the Basics: Athletic Scholarships 101
Defining a College Athletic Scholarship
College Alphabet Soup: NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA
Chapter 4: Clearing the Clearinghouse
Getting Recruited
Knowing What Colleges Are Looking For
The Game Begins: Getting Noticed
The Full-Court Press: Calls, Letters, and E-Mails from Coaches
What to Do If You Don’t Get Noticed
Recognizing College Recruiting Violations
Part III: Making College Visits
The Play-by-Play of College Visits
Taking Your Turn to Recruit
Preparing for and Evaluating Each Visit
Part IV: Committing to a School
Negotiating a Financial-Aid Agreement
Making the Verbal Commitment
Understanding the National Letter of Intent
Part V: When You’re in the Big Leagues: For Existing College Students
Maintaining Your Eligibility
Part VI: The Part of Tens
Ten Things Not to Do during the Recruiting Process
Ten Considerations When Choosing a School
Appendix A: College Scholarship Web Sites and Resources
Appendix B: Resources for College Recruiting and Selecting Colleges and Coaches
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