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Freeden W. et al. (eds.) Handbook of GeoMathematics

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Freeden W. et al. (eds.) Handbook of GeoMathematics
Springer, 2010. – 1338 pp. ISBN 9783642015458.
Mathematics concerned with problems of geoscientifical relevance, i.e., geomathematics, is becoming increasingly important. Surprisingly, there is no authoritative mathematical forum offering appropriate means of assimilating, assessing, and reducing to comprehensible form the readily increasing flow of data from geochemical, geodetic, geological, geophysical, and satellite sources and providing an objective basis for scientific interpretation, classification, testing of concepts, modeling, simulation, and solution of problems. Therefore, it seems that the stage is set for a Handbook of Geomathematics as a central reference work for academics, policymakers, and practitioners internationally.
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