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Jenkins N., Strbac G., Ekanayake J. Distributed Generation

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Jenkins N., Strbac G., Ekanayake J. Distributed Generation
The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2009. 272 p. ISBN:0863419585, ISBN:9781849191166.
Over several decades, models, techniques and application tools were developed that recognised the central nature of generation, and there are many excellent texts that relate to and describe the assessment of such systems. However, some very specific features of distributed generation, namely that large numbers of relatively small generators are distributed around the system, often connected into relatively weak distribution networks mean that existing techniques and practices have had to be reviewed and updated to take these features into account. The questions raised by large numbers of distributed generators and their control within a de-regulated commercial environment (Virtual Power Plants), Active Network Management and Microgrids are also addressed.
This book is the outcome of the authors' experience teaching courses on Distributed Generation to undergraduate and MSc students in the UK, USA and Sri Lanka. Many Universities are now offering courses on Renewable Energy and how sustainable, low-carbon generation can be integrated effectively into the distribution system. The book has four tutorial chapters (with examples and questions) to provide fundamental material for those without a strong electrical engineering background. Non-specialists may then benefit from the main body of the text once they have studied the tutorial material.
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