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Heim Michael. Contemporary Czech / Современный чешский язык

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Heim Michael. Contemporary Czech / Современный чешский язык
Издатель: Slavica Publishers
Год выпуска: 1982
Колмчество страниц: 271
ISBN: 0893570982
Язык курса: Английский
Учебник чешского языка (для I и II курсов).
The text contains grammar, extensive model sentences, and exercises (Part 1) and a series of review lessons (Part 2).
Czech-English, English-Czech glossaries are provided. This intermediate course is particularly helpful for those who have a command of Russian.
Contemporary Czech aims to give the beginning student a solid working knowledge ol the language. It consists of two parts: a grammar and a series of review lessons. The grammar is designed to be covered in one semester, the review lessons — supplemented by reading materials of the instructor's choosing — in another.
The student will be able to master the essentials of Czech grammar in one semester because the grammar section of the book avoids nearly all irregularities.
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