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Ahsan A. Convection and Conduction Heat Transfer

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Ahsan A. Convection and Conduction Heat Transfer
InTech, 2011. 394 p.
The convection and conduction heat transfer, thermal conductivity, and phase transformations are significant issues in a design of wide range of industrial processes and devices. This book includes 18 advanced and revised contributions, and it covers mainly (1) heat convection, (2) heat conduction, and (3) heat transfer analysis. The first section introduces mixed convection studies on inclined channels, double diffusive coupling, and on lid driven trapezoidal cavity, forced natural convection through a roof, convection on non-isothermal jet oscillations, unsteady pulsed flow, and hydromagnetic flow with thermal radiation. The second section covers heat conduction in capillary porous bodies and in structures made of functionally graded materials, integral transforms for heat conduction problems, non-linear radiative-conductive heat transfer, thermal conductivity of gas diffusion layers and multi-component natural systems, thermal behavior of the ink, primer and paint, heating in biothermal systems, and RBF finite difference approach in heat conduction. The third section includes heat transfer analysis of reinforced concrete beam, modeling of heat transfer and phase transformations, boundary conditions-surface heat flux and temperature, simulation of phase change materials, and finite element methods of factorial design. The advanced idea and information described here will be fruitful for the readers to find a sustainable solution in an industrialized society.
Heat Convection
A Mixed Convection Study in Inclined Channels with Discrete Heat Sources
Periodically Forced Natural Convection Through the Roof of an Attic-Shaped Building
Analysis of Mixed Convection in a Lid Driven Trapezoidal Cavity
Convective Heat Transfer of Unsteady Pulsed Flow in Sinusoidal Constricted Tube
Numerical Solution of Natural Convection Problems by a Meshless Method
Hydromagnetic Flow with Thermal Radiation
Heat Conduction
Transient Heat Conduction in Capillary Porous Bodies
Non-Linear Radiative-Conductive Heat Transfer in a Heterogeneous Gray Plane-Parallel Participating Medium
Optimization of the Effective Thermal Conductivity of a Composite
Computation of Thermal Conductivity of Gas Diffusion Layers of PEM Fuel Cells
Analytical Methods for Estimating Thermal Conductivity of Multi-Component Natural Systems in Permafrost Areas
Heating in Biothermal Systems
A Generalised RBF Finite Difference Approach to Solve Nonlinear Heat Conduction Problems on Unstructured Datasets
Heat Transfer Analysis
Heat Transfer Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams Reinforced with GFRP Bars
Modelling of Heat Transfer and Phase Transformations in the Rapid Manufacturing of Titanium Components
Measurement of Boundary Conditions - Surface Heat Flux and Surface Temperature
Properties and Numerical Modeling-Simulation of Phase Changes Material
Finite Element Methods to Optimize by Factorial Design the Solidification of Cu-5wt%Zn Alloy in a Sand Mold
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