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Bollobás B. (ed.) Advances in Graph Theory

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Bollobás B. (ed.) Advances in Graph Theory
Издательство North Holland, 1978, -305 pp.
Annals of Discrete Mathematics, Number 3.
Several of the papers were quickly and efficiently retyped by Mrs. J.E. Scutt. The editorial burden was greatly relieved by the excellent work of Mr. A.G. Thomason
Linear separation of dominating sets in graphs
Regularisable graphs
Hamiltonian decompositions of graphs, directed graphs and hypergraphs
Extremal graphs without large forbidden subgraphs
Hamiltonian cycles in regular graphs
The chromatic index of the graph of the assignment polytope
Loopy games
Hamilton circuits and long circuits
Simplicial decompositions of infinite graphs
Combinatorial completions
A class of regularisable graphs
On maximal circuits in finite graphs
A reduction method for edge-connectivity in graphs
Another criterion for marriage in denumerable societies
Selective graphs and hypergraphs
Monochromatic paths in graphs
On the principal edge tripartition of a graph
Percolation probabilities on the square lattice
On Tutte's dichromate polynomial
Hamiltonian cycles and uniquely edge colourable graphs
Hamiltonian paths in squares of infinite locally finite blocks
An investigation of colour-critical graphs with complements of low connectivity
The subgraph problem
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