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Solipsy. The Loose Cannon

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Solipsy. The Loose Cannon
Священная книга церкви Летающего Макаронного Монстра, в большинстве своём аналогична Библии. Создана пастафарианцами на одном из форумов и объединена в книгу пользователем Solipsy.
Proclamations of the Councils of Olive Garden
Second Announcement Regarding Canonical Belief
Third Announcement Regarding Canonical Belief
The Old Pastament
The Book of Midgets/Midgits
The Creation of Mankind
A Reading From the Book of Fusilli
The Book of Penelope
The Book of Linguini
The Torahtellini Part 2
The Story of the FSM and the Eastern Pirates
The Book of Fearsome Pirate Pete
The Tale of Dave and Kyodai
Darwin's Purge
The Book of Thinly-Veiled Modern Practice Agreements
The Random Number of Not Commandments, Suggestions
The Book of Piraticus
A Pasta's Creed
Ethical Guidelines for Pirates
Frequently Asked Questions
The Book of ProvHerbs
The Song of Semolina
The Pastalamentations of Father Jerome
The Revelations of Auntie Dee Dee
The Book of Disco
Pirates' Effects on Global Warming
The Book of Jeff
The Book of Solipsy
The Book of Emergent Patterns
Revelations of St. Jason
The New Pastament
The Acts of the Apastals
The Letter of Tristan the Martyr to the Future Generations of Society
The Open Letter of Bobby Henderson to the Kansas School Board
An Announcement Regarding the Afterlife
Muellers 1
Muellers 2
Pirate Aaahhhhrrrrr‟s Letter to the Privateers
First Letter from Edd to the Forum Members
Second Letter from Edd to the Forum Members
First Letter from Edd to the Slackers
First Letter from Edd to the Partiers
First Letter from Edd to the Infallible
A Letter from ADoS to the Dying
The Correspondence of Captain Jeff the Mishunairee and the leaders of Hillel
The Letter of Captain Jeff the Mishunairee to the Googlists
The Letter of Captain Jeff the Mishunairee to the Rutgers Campus Crusade for Christ
The Sermon on the Mall
Qwertyuiopasd's Letter to the Evangelists
Revelations 1: The Book of Revealed Crapola
Revelations 2: The Revenge
The Official Pastafarian Prayer Book
Final Thoughts from Olive Garden Council-members
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