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Damiani E. etc (eds.) Signal Processing for Image Enhancement and Multimedia Processing

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Damiani E. etc (eds.) Signal Processing for Image Enhancement and Multimedia Processing
Издательство Springer, 2008, -333 pp.
Part I Image Restauration, Filtering and Compression
On PDE-based Spectrogram Image Restoration. Application to Wolf Chorus Noise Reduction and Comparison with Other Algorithms
A Modified Mean Shift Algorithm For Efficient Document Image Restoration
An Efficient Closed Form Approach to the Evaluation of the Probability of False Alarm of the ML-CFAR Detector in a Pulse-to-Pulse Correlated Clutter
On-orbit Spatial Resolution Estimation of CBERS-2 Imaging System Using Ideal Edge Target
Distributed Pre-Processed CA-CFAR Detection Structure for Non Gaussian Clutter Reduction
Multispectral Satellite Images Processing through Dimensionality Reduction
SAR Image Compression Based on Wedgelet-Wavelet
Part II Texture Analysis and Feature Extraction
New Approach of Higher Order Textural Parameters for Image Classification using Statistical Methods
Texture Discrimination Using Hierarchical Complex Networks
Error Analysis of Subpixel Edge Localisation
Edge Point Linking by Means of Global and Local Schemes
An Enhanced Detector of Blurred and Noisy Edges
3D Face Recognition using ICP and Geodesic Computation Coupled Approach
Part III Face Recognition and Shape Analysis
A3FD: Accurate 3D Face Detection
Two Dimensional Discrete Statistical Shape Models Construction
A New Distorted Circle Estimator using an Active Contours Approach
Detection of Facial Feature Points Using Anthropometric Face Model
Intramodal Palmprint Authentication
Part IV Multimedia Processing
An Implementation of Multiple Region-Of-Interest Models in H.264/AVC
Rough Sets-Based Image Processing for Deinterlacing
ntersubband Reconstruction of Lost Low Frequency Coefficients in Wavelet Coded Images
Content-Based Watermarking by Geometric Warping and Feature-Based Image Segmentation
Hardware Based Steganalysis
Esophageal Speech Enhancement using Source Synthesis and Formant Patterns Modification
Arbitrary Image Cloning
Iterative Joint Source-Channel Decoding with Source Statistics Estimation: Application to Image Transmission
AER Imaging
Large Deviation Spectrum Estimation in Two Dimensions
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