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Angermann L. (ed.). Numerical Simulations - Applications, Examples and Theory

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Angermann L. (ed.). Numerical Simulations - Applications, Examples and Theory
India, InTech, 2011. - 530 p.
In the recent decades, numerical simulation has become a very important and successful approach for solving complex problems in almost all areas of human life. This book presents a collection of recent contributions of researchers working in the area of numerical simulations. It is aimed to provide new ideas, original results and practical experiences regarding this highly actual fi eld. The subject is mainly driven by the collaboration of scientists working in diff erent disciplines. This interaction can be seen both in the presented topics (for example, problems in fl uid dynamics or electromagnetics) as well as in the particular levels of application (for example, numerical calcula-
tions, modeling or theoretical investigations).
Particle Physics and Optics
Numerical Simulation of the Bump-on-Tail Instability - Magdi Shoucri
Numerical Simulation of the Fast Processes in a Vacuum Electrical Discharge - I. V. Uimanov
3-D Quantum Numerical Simulation of Transient Response in Multiple-Gate Nanowire MOSFETs Submitted to Heavy Ion Irradiation - Daniela Munteanu and Jean-Luc Autran
Two-Fluxes and Reaction-Diffusion Computation of Initial and Transient Secondary Electron Emission Yield by a Finite Volume Method - Asdin Aoufi and Gilles Damamme
Control of Photon Storage Time in Photon Echoes using a Deshelving Process - Byoung S. Ham
Waveguide Arrays for Optical Pulse-Shaping, Mode-Locking and Beam Combining - J. Nathan Kutz
Monte Carlo Methods to Numerically Simulate Signals Reflecting the Microvascular Perfusion - Figueiras Edite, Requicha Ferreira Luis F., De Mul Frits F.M. and Humeau Anne
Generation and Resonance Scattering of Waves on Cubically Polarisable Layered Structures - Lutz Angermann and Vasyl V. Yatsyk
Numerical Modeling of Reflector Antennas - Oleg A. Yurtcev and Yuri Y. Bobkov
Modeling of Microwave Heating and Oil Filtration in Stratum - Serge Sysoev and Anatoli Kislitsyn
Numerical Simulation of Elastic-Plastic Non-Conforming Contact - Sergiu Spinu, Gheorghe Frunza and Emanuel Diaconescu
Simulating the Response of Structures to Impulse Loadings - Soprano Alessandro and Caputo Francesco
Inverse Methods on Small Punch Tests - Ines Penuelas, Covadonga Betegon, Cristina Rodriguez and Javier Belzunce
Laser Shock Peening: Modeling, Simulations, and Applications - Y.B. Guo
Numerical and Physical Simulation of Pulsed Arc Welding with Forced Short-Circuiting of the Arc Gap - Oksana Shpigunova and Anatoly Glazunov
Mathematical Modelling of Structure Formation of Discrete Materials - Lyudmila Ryabicheva and Dmytro Usatyuk
Simulation Technology in the Sintering Process of Ceramics - Bin Lin, Feng Liu, Xiaofeng Zhang, Liping Liu, Xueming Zhu
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Two-phase Plasma Jet during Deposition of Coatings - Viktorija Grigaitiene, Romualdas Kezelis and Vitas Valincius
Electrohydraulic Systems
Numerical Simulation - a Design Tool for Electro Hydraulic Servo Systems - Popescu T.C., Vasiliu D. and Vasiliu N.
Applications of the Electrohydraulic Servomechanisms in Management of Water Resources - Popescu T. C., Vasiliu D., Vasiliu N. and Calinoiu C.
Numerical Methods
A General Algorithm for Local Error Control in the RKrGLm Method - Justin S. C. Prentice
Hybrid Type Method of Numerical Solution Integral Equations and its Applications - D.G.Arsenjev, V.M.Ivanov and N.A. Berkovskiy
Safety Simulation
Advanced Numerical Simulation for the Safety Demonstration of Nuclear Power Plants - G.B. Bruna, J.-C. Micaelli, J. Couturier, F. Barre and J.P. Van Dorsselaere
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