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Nathwani J., Ng A.W. (eds.) Paths to Sustainable Energy

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Nathwani J., Ng A.W. (eds.) Paths to Sustainable Energy
InTech. 2010. 676 p.
The world's reliance on existing sources of energy and their associated detrimental impacts on the environment- whether related to poor air or water quality or scarcity, impacts on sensitive ecosystems and forests and land use - have been well documented and articulated over the last three decades. What is needed by the world is a set of credible energy solutions that would lead us to a balance between economic growth and a sustainable environment. This book provides an open platform to establish and share knowledge developed by scholars, scientists and engineers from all over the world about various viable paths to a future of sustainable energy. It has collected a number of intellectually stimulating articles that address issues ranging from public policy formulation to technological innovations for enhancing the development of sustainable energy systems. It will appeal to stakeholders seeking guidance to pursue the paths to sustainable energy.
Public Policy and Planning for a Sustainable Energy Future
Backcasting a Future of Sustainable Energy: A Public Policy Perspective
Sustainable Development vs Environmental Engineering: Energy Issues
A Call to Action
Energy Planning: A Sustainable Approach
The Passive Greenhouses
Decision Support for National Sustainable Energy Strategies in an Integrated Sustainability Assessment Framework
Regional Approach for Policies and Measures Aiming to Sustainable Energy Development
Identifying Regional Behavior Impacts of Electricity Generation in Electricity Market with SSNIP and Granger Test
Supporting Psychosocial Processes towards a Sustainable Energy System: The Case of CO2 Geological Storage
An Advanced Method of Congestion Management for Optimal Energy Pricing
Utilization of Solar and Wind Resources
PV Solar Energy Conversion Using the Behavior Matching Technique
Cost Calculation Algorithm for Photovoltaic Systems
Wind Energy
Introduction to Doubly-Fed Induction Generator for Wind Power Applications
The Role of Aesthetics, Visual and Physical Integration in Building Mounted Wind Turbines – An Alternative Approach
New Systems Thinking and Policy Means for Sustainable Energy Development
Developing Wind Energy in Turkey
Energy Storage and Efficient Use of Energy
Understanding the Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
Desing of Multiphase Boost Converter for Hybrid Fuel Cell/Battery Power Sources
Non-Isolated High-Gain DC-DC Converter Using Charge Pump and Coupling Inductor
Advanced Power Generation Technologies: Fuel Cells
Making Fossil Fuels Sustainable
Carbon Capture and Storage Technology for Sustainable Energy
CaO-based CO2 Capture Technology and Its Application in Power Plants
MEA-Based CO2 Capture Technology and Its Application in Power Plants
High Renewable Energy Penetration Diesel Generator Systems
Facts about Producer Gas Engine
Role of Technological Innovations and Emerging Technologies
Electric Power from Rice Paddy Fields
Switching from Renewable to Renewable – A Case Study from Nordic Perspective
Design and Technology for Efficient Lighting
Ground Coupled Heat Pumps in Mixed Climate Areas: Design, Characterization and Optimization
Development of a Boiler for Small Straw Bales Combustion
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