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Fumitsugu Enokida, Junko Ogawa - Collins Easy Learning Japanese Audio Course. CD3

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Учебное пособие. Издательство: Collins. 2005 -48с.
CD1 / CD2
Language on a need-to-know basis No textbook necessary Action-based learning rather than theoretical study Each unit can be mastered in less than 20 minutes Flexible learning options throughout - learn just the basics or choose to deepen your knowledge with extra words and practice activities. Those with some prior knowledge of Japanese can skip directly to the 'further' options.
Product Description:
This exciting new Easy Learning language course allows learners to take on board all of the Japanese they will need while abroad without the need for thick textbooks and complex grammar. 3 audio CDs and accompanying colour booklet make language learning fun, fast and flexible. 3 audio CDs guide learners through a series of 12 short units. Each unit introduces 5 new key words or phrases before expanding on the basic vocabulary with practice activities, memory tips and culture and etiquette advice. An accompanying 48-page colour booklet provides full transcripts of the CD conversations as well as helpful hints to guide the user through their learning experience.
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