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Belmiloudi A. Heat Transfer - Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Information Technology

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Belmiloudi A. Heat Transfer - Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Information Technology
InTech, 2011. 642 p. — ISBN: 978-953-307-550-1.
Over the past few decades there has been a prolific increase in research and development in area of heat transfer, heat exchangers and their associated technologies. This book is a collection of current research in the above mentioned areas and describes modelling, numerical methods, simulation and information technology with modern ideas and methods to analyse and enhance heat transfer for single and multiphase systems. The topics considered include various basic concepts of heat transfer, the fundamental modes of heat transfer (namely conduction, convection and radiation), thermophysical properties, computational methodologies, control, stabilization and optimization problems, condensation, boiling and freezing, with many real-world problems and important modern applications. The book is divided in four sections : "Inverse, Stabilization and Optimization Problems", "Numerical Methods and Calculations", "Heat Transfer in Mini/Micro Systems", "Energy Transfer and Solid Materials", and each section discusses various issues, methods and applications in accordance with the subjects. The combination of fundamental approach with many important practical applications of current interest will make this book of interest to researchers, scientists, engineers and graduate students in many disciplines, who make use of mathematical modelling, inverse problems, implementation of recently developed numerical methods in this multidisciplinary field as well as to experimental and theoretical researchers in the field of heat and mass transfer.
Inverse, Stabilization and Optimization Problems
Optimum Fin Profile under Dry and Wet Surface Conditions
Thermal Therapy: Stabilization and Identification
Direct and Inverse Heat Transfer Problems in Dynamics of Plate Fin and Tube Heat Exchangers
Radiative Heat Transfer and Effective Transport Coefficients
Numerical Methods and Calculations
Finite Volume Method Analysis of Heat Transfer in Multi-Block Grid During Solidification
Lattice Boltzmann Numerical Approach to Predict Macroscale Thermal Fluid Flow Problem
Efficient Simulation of Transient Heat Transfer Problems in Civil Engineering
Applications of Nonstandard Finite Difference Methods to Nonlinear Heat Transfer Problems
Fast BEM Based Methods for Heat Transfer Simulation
Aerodynamic Heating at Hypersonic Speed
Thermoelastic Stresses in FG-Cylinders
Experimentally Validated Numerical Modeling of Heat Transfer in Granular Flow in Rotating Vessels
Heat Transfer in Mini/Micro Systems
Introduction to Nanoscale Thermal Conduction
Study of Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer in the Fluidized Bed Reactors
Particle Scale Simulation of Heat Transfer in Fluid Bed Reactors
Population Balance Model of Heat Transfer in Gas-Solid Processing Systems
Synthetic Jet-based Hybrid Heat Sink for Electronic Cooling
Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Micro Combustor
Natural Circulation in Single and Two Phase Thermosyphon Loop with Conventional Tubes and Minichannels
Heat Transfer at Microscale
Energy Transfer and Solid Materials
Thermal Characterization of Solid Structures during Forced Convection Heating
Analysis of the Conjugate Heat Transfer in a Multi-Layer Wall Including an Air Layer
An Analytical Solution for Transient Heat and Moisture Diffusion in a Double-Layer Plate
Frictional Heating in the Strip-Foundation Tribosystem
Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients for Solar Chimney Power Plant Collectors
Thermal Aspects of Solar Air Collector
Heat Transfer in Porous Media
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