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Cirillo Francesco. The Pomodoro Technique (The Pomodoro)

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Cirillo Francesco. The Pomodoro Technique (The Pomodoro)
The basic idea for the Pomodoro Technique came to me in the late ‘80s, during my first years at university.
Once the elation from completing my first-year exams had subsided, I found myself in a slump, a time of low productivity and high confusion. Every day I went to school, attended classes, studied and went back home with the disheartened feeling that I didn’t really know what I’d been doing, that I’d been wasting my time. The exam dates came up so fast, and it seemed like I had no way to defend myself against time.
One day in the classroom on campus where I used to study, I watched my classmates with a critical eye, and then looked even more critically at myself: how I got myself organized, how I interacted with others, how I studied. It was clear to me that the high number of distractions and interruptions and the low level of concentration and motivation were at the root
of the confusion I was feeling.
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