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BBC. Tweenies - Friends Forever

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BBC. Tweenies - Friends Forever
Phantom Sound & Vision, 2007. MP3 192.0 Kbps Lenght: 00:43:38.
Tweenies is a lively, musical, entertaining series set in a Playschool and deals with dilemmas, challenges and issues common to very young children, like squabbling with friends, or not owning up. Tweenies is aimed at three-six year old children and with colorful, loveable characters like Bella, Fizz, Milo, Jake, Izzles and Doodles, children can completely identify. These characters move like real children, they laugh at the same things they do, sing the same songs, play the same games and see the world in the same way. The mixture of story, song and creative activity provides excellent opportunities for children to learn through play. The Tweenies are extremely musical and singing and dancing are an important ingredient of the programs. This album reflects their love of music and children are encouraged to join in with songs and actions.
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