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Chattopadhyay S. Pressure Vessels. Design and Practice

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Chattopadhyay S. Pressure Vessels. Design and Practice
CRC Press, 2005. — 175 p.
With very few books adequately addressing ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code, and other international code issues, Pressure Vessels: Design and Practice provides a comprehensive, in-depth guide on everything engineers need to know.
With emphasis on the requirements of the ASME this consummate work examines the design of pressure vessel components with explanations that clearly emphasize the inherent design principles and philosophy. Chapters thoroughly cover stresses in shells, covers and flanges, vessel supports, and includes reviews of fatigue and fracture mechanics, structural stability, and limit analysis. With equations and procedures for designing the main parts of pressure vessels, this volume is a convenient resource and reference.
Pressure Vessels: Design and Practice covers the basic theories and principles behind the stress limiting conditions in the codes. It is also a practical guide for designing and building pressure vessels of all types. Not just a 'cookbook,' this volume allows you to trace the origin of the design equations used in the construction codes, offering a valuable, physical insight into the design process.
Overview of pressure vessels
Pressure vessel design philosophy
Structural design criteria
Stress categories and stress limits
Design of cylindrical shells
Design of heads and covers
Design of nozzles and openings
Fatigue assessment of pressure vessels
Bolted flange connections
Design of vessel supports
Simplified inelastic methods in pressure vessel design
Case studies
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