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Imperatore Pasquale, Riccio Daniele (eds.) Geoscience and Remote Sensing. New Achievements

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Imperatore Pasquale, Riccio Daniele (eds.) Geoscience and Remote Sensing. New Achievements
InTech, 2010. — 508 p. — ISBN 978-953-7619-97-8 (Hard cover).
Первоисточник: http://www.intechopen.com.
Ground based SAR interferometry: a novel tool for geoscience.
Internet surveillance camera measurements of atmospheric aerosols concentration.
Interferometric imaging technology for microwave radiometers.
Recent advances in the characterization of aerosol vertical distribution on a global scale.
Blended tools for remote sensing.
Image information mining systems.
Artificial intelligence in geoscience and remote sensing.
C-band sea ice SAR classification based on segmentwise edge features.
Early warning and on-line mapping for flood events.
Potential of c-band multi-polarized and polarimetric sar data for soil drainage classification and mapping.
Electromagnetic models for remote sensing of layered rough media.
Highly accurate geometric correction for NOAA AVHRR data.
C-band scatterometers and their applications.
Monitoring of terrestrial hydrology at high latitudes with scatterometer data.
Ocean wind fields from satellite active microwave sensors.
Optical and infrared modeling.
Remote sensing of aerosol over vegetation cover based on pixel level multi-wavelength polarized measurements.
Methods and performances for multi-pass SAR interferometry.
Integration of high-resolution, active and passive remote sensing in support to tsunami preparedness and contingency planning.
3D measurement of speed and direction of turbulent air movement.
Observing marine pollution with synthetic aperture radar.
Development of flood space monitoring in Kazakhstan.
The role of DSD and radio wave scattering in rain attenuation.
Registration of radar and optical satellite images using multiscale filter technique and information measure.
Magnitude and extent of six years of land subsidence in shanghai revealed by JERS-1 SAR dataimpact of daily melt and freeze patterns on sea ice large scale roughness features extraction.
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