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Awrejcewicz J. Numerical Simulations of Physical and Engineering Processes

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Awrejcewicz J. Numerical Simulations of Physical and Engineering Processes
InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, 2011. 594 p. — ISBN: 9533076201, 9789533076201.
Numerical Simulations of Physical and Engineering Process is an edited book divided into two parts. Part I devoted to Physical Processes contains 14 chapters, whereas Part II titled Engineering Processes has 13 contributions. The book handles the recent research devoted to numerical simulations of physical and engineering systems. It can be treated as a bridge linking various numerical approaches of two closely inter-related branches of science, i.e. physics and engineering. Since the numerical simulations play a key role in both theoretical and application oriented research, professional reference books are highly needed by pure research scientists, applied mathematicians, engineers as well post-graduate students. In other words, it is expected that the book will serve as an effective tool in training the mentioned groups of researchers and beyond.
Physical Processes
Numerical Solution of Many-Body Wave Scattering Problem for Small Particles and Creating Materials with Desired Refraction Coefficient
Simulations of Deformation Processes in Energetic Materials
Numerical Simulation of EIT-Based Slow Light in the Doppler-Broadened Atomic Media of the Rubidium D2 Line
Importance of Simulation Studies in Analysis of Thin Film Transistors Based on Organic and Metal Oxide Semiconductors
Numerical Simulation of a Gyro-BWO with a Helically Corrugated Interaction Region, Cusp Electron Gun and Depressed Collector
Numerical Simulations of Nano-Scale Magnetization Dynamics
A Computationally Efficient Numerical Simulation for Generating Atmospheric Optical Scintillations
A Unifying Statistical Model for Atmospheric Optical Scintillation
Numerical Simulation of Lasing Dynamics in Choresteric Liquid Crystal Based on ADE-FDTD Method
Complete Modal Representation with Discrete Zernike Polynomials - Critical Sampling in Non Redundant Grids
Master Equation - Based Numerical Simulation in a Single Electron Transistor Using Matlab
Numerical Simulation of Plasma Kinetics in Low-Pressure Discharge in Mixtures of Helium and Xenon with Iodine Vapours
Dynamics of Optical Pulses Propagating in Fibers with Variable Dispersion
Ingineering Processes
Advanced Numerical Techniques for Near-Field Antenna Measurements
Numerical Simulations of Seawater Electro-Fishing Systems
Numerical Analysis of a Rotor Dynamics in the Magneto-Hydrodynamic Field
Mathematical Modeling in Chemical Engineering: A Tool to Analyse Complex Systems
Monitoring of Chemical Processes Using Model-Based Approach
The Static and Dynamic Transfer-Matrix Methods in the Analysis of Distributed-Feedback Lasers
Adaptive Signal Selection Control Based on Adaptive FF Control Scheme and Its Applications to Sound Selection Systems
Measurement Uncertainty of White-Light Interferometry on Optically Rough Surfaces
On the Double-Arcing Phenomenon in a Cutting Arc Torch
Statistical Mechanics of Inverse Halftoning
A Framework Providing a Basis for Data Integration in Virtual Production
Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of the Dynamic Behaviour of Thermal and Hydro Power Plants
Numerical Simulations of the Long-Haul RZ-DPSK Optical Fibre Transmission System
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