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Lin W. (ed.) Video Surveillance

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Lin W. (ed.) Video Surveillance
Издательство InTech, 2011, -500 pp.
Video surveillance is becoming increasingly important in many applications, including traffic control, urban surveillance, home security, environmental monitoring, and healthcare. With the rapid growth of demand for ubiquitous sensing and security, great challenges have been raised for designing, transmitting, and processing over video surveillance systems. As such, evolution is changing from the tedious manual surveillance to the efficient automatic and intelligent surveillance. And this evolution, in turn, is issuing new challenges in front of us, including system designing, data analysis and processing, resource scheduling, and data streaming. This requires better understanding of the implications of communication, compression, data mining, content-based video retrieval, machine learning, and pattern recognition.
The goal of this book is to consolidate and highlight the latest achievements and developments in the field of video surveillance. The papers selected for this book comprise a cross-section of topics that reflect a variety of perspectives and disciplinary backgrounds. Besides the introduction of new achievements in video surveillance, this book also presents some good overviews of the state-of-the-art technologies as well as some interesting advanced topics related to video surveillance. I believe the 25 chapters presented in this book can provide a clear picture of the current research status in the area of video surveillance.
This book contains a total of five major parts that cover the following directions: overview of the current developments in video surveillance; new designs and frameworks for video surveillance systems; novel algorithms for object extraction and tracking; new methods for video content analysis and event detection; and some advanced topics related to video surveillance.
Video Surveillance Systems, Frameworks, and Structures
Object Segmentation, Detection, and Tracking
Content Analysis and Event Detection for Video Surveillance
Advanced Topics
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