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Microwave Journal 2010 №02

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Microwave Journal 2010 №02
David Vye, Microwave Journal Editor. Counting the Days…
An introduction to Microwave Journal’s annual look at printed circuit board design for radio frequency and microwave applications.

Chris Marshall and Bill Murphy, Richardson Electronics Ltd. Field Support Streamlines Design and Development Cycles.
A step-by-step look at how a component distributor’s global field support organization works with an engineering team in determining the success of a project.
Ansoft Corp. Ansoft Designer/Nexxim Version 5.0.
Introduction to two radio frequency product suites designed for use within the signal integrity community and RF/microwave applications.
Leo G. Maloratsky, Aerospace Electronics Co. Setting Strategies for Planar Dividers/Combiners.
Understanding the characteristics of different radio frequency and microwave planar dividers/combiners in building a strategy for effective integrated-circuit design.
Jose Luis Flores, AT4 Wireless. The Distances Chart: A New Approach to Spurs Calculation.
Presentation of a new method for mixer spurs calculation allowing for easy optimization of the IF and RF filter bands.
James Rautio, Sonnet Software; John Reynolds and Allen F. Horn III, Rogers Corp. Direction Matters: Including Substrate Anisotropy in Planar Circuit Design Flow.
Description of how to measure and include substrate anisotropy in planar circuit design flow.
Boris Aleiner, Consultant. Power Amplifier Module for Polar Modulation.
Description of the architecture of a power amplifier module for polarmodulated schemes.
Mini-Circuits. Ultra Long Life Mechanical RF Switches.
Design of a mechanical radio frequency switch that can be used in excess of 300 million cycles with periodic tune-up.
Park Electrochemical Corp. High Frequency, Low Loss Resin System.
Introduction to a non-PTFE resin system offering the flexibility to design high performance radio frequency and microwave substrates.
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