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Microwave Journal 2010 №01

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Microwave Journal 2010 №01
Carl Sheffres, Microwave Journal Publisher. William Bazzy: 1920-2009.
A look back at the legacy of William Bazzy, the man who co-founded Microwave Journal more than 50 years ago.

Jeremy Wensinger, Cobham Defense Systems. Supporting the Warfighter: Adapting to the Changing Paradigm of the Defense Market.
Ways in which solution providers and military users must collaborate to sustain and support national defense interests.

RFMD. The First in a Family of Versatile High Power GaN Transistors.
Introduction to a portfolio of gallium nitride unmatched power transistors ranging in power from 30 to 120 W.

Darren McCarthy, Tektronix Inc. Automating Radar Measurement Tasks throughout the Lifecycle of a Radar System.
Use of automated signal generation and test software in helping engineers establish reliable and repeatable measurements.

Haiwen Liu, East China Jiaotong University; Fu Tong, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Performance Improvement of Power Amplifiers Using an Asymmetrical Spurline Structure.
Introduction to an asymmetrical spurline structure used to reduce the higher harmonics of microwave power amplifiers.
Jian An, Guang-ming Wang, Chen-xin Zhang and Hui-yong Zeng, Air Force Engineering University. A Compact, Omni-directional, Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna.
Presentation of an omni-directional, circularly polarized antenna using a zeroorder resonator with arc-shaped stubs.

Debatosh Guha, University of Calcutta; Yahia M.M. Antar, Royal Military College of Canada; P. Beland and M. Roper, Spotwave Wireless Inc. A Small Size, High Gain Antenna for Wireless Base Station Applications.
Demonstration of a single-element high gain microstrip antenna operating over a wireless band covering eight percent impedance bandwidth.

Jinwoo Jung and Yeongseog Lim, Chonnam National University; Hyeonjin Lee, Dongkang College. A Compact Planar Monopole Antenna for Ultra-wideband Operation.
Proposed use of a planar monopole antenna with a subminiature version A connector for ultra-wideband operation.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Switchable W-CDMA Power Amplifier Modules Supporting LTE.
Design of a series of power amplifier modules for current and future cell phone handset applications.

Nearfield Systems Inc. Arch Roll Spherical Nearfield Scanner.
Development of a spherical scanner designed for wide angle satellite and radar antenna testing.
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