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Microwave Journal 2011 №08

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Microwave Journal 2011 №08
Steve Williams, RT Logic, an Integral Systems Company. Insight into several of the latest technology advancements, including channel simulation, RF interference detection and mitigation, geolocation, high efficiency, low cost power amplifiers and increased frequency and data rates for critical deployable communications systems.
Sonnet Software Inc. Introduction to Sonnet Suites Release 13, which provides further capability and enhancements in Sonnet’s 3D planar high frequency EM software.
Takao Ishida, Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Presentation of development activities and performance results of GaN high power amplifiers focused on space and radio applications.
Microwave Journal Staff. A recap of this year’s IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium and Exhibition held June 5-10 in Baltimore, MD.
Microwave Journal Staff. A graphic novel depicting the lighter side of Microwave Week and its characters.
X. Zhao, T. Haarakangas, J. Katajisto, M. Niemi, P. Myllyla, J. Inget and J. Alasalmi, Elektrobit (EB). Introduction of the method and steps for extracting G/Ts of a satellite handset, with both internal and external antennas.
X.L. Sun, S.W. Cheung and T.I. Yuk, University of Hong Kong. Design of a fifth-order analog predistorter using IM3 and IM5 generated signals for use in base station HPAs.
Cheng-yuan Liu, Ying-song Li, Tao Jang (also affiliated with Harbin Institute of Technology) and Xiao-dong Yang, Harbin Engineering University. Presentation of a CPW-fed, ultra-wideband antenna with a band-notch characteristic at 5 to 6 GHz for WLAN.
Freescale Semiconductor. Introduction of two recently released enhanced video bandwidth devices (up to 140 MHz) for wireless infrastructure.
SATIMO Industries. Combination of SATIMO multi-probe measurement technology with Anritsu LTE measurement solution enables performance of LTE OTA measurements in record times.
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