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Logan R.K. The Poetry of Physics and the Physics of Poetry

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Logan R.K. The Poetry of Physics and the Physics of Poetry
World Scientific Publishing Company, 2010, 332 pages
This is a textbook for a survey course in physics taught without mathematics, that also takes into account the social impact and influences from the arts and society. It combines physics, literature, history and philosophy from the dawn of human life to the 21st century. It will also be of interest to the general reader.
This book attempts to remedy this classical situation by communicating the ideas of physics to the reader without relying on mathematics. Mathematical formulae are used, but only after the concepts have been carefully explained. The math will be purely supplementary and none of the material developed later in the book will depend on these formulae. The role of a mathematical equation in physics is also described. To repeat the mathematics is purely supplementary. This book is written explicitly for the people who have difficulty with the mathematics but wish to understand their physical universe. Although all fields of physics are covered the reader will find a bit more emphasis on the modern physics that emerged in the beginning of the 20th century with quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of relativity. The reason for this is that this physics is less intuitive than classical physics and hence requires more of an explanation.
A second aim of the book is to understand the nature of science and the role it plays in shaping both our thinking and the structure of our society. We live in times when many of the decisions in our society are made by professionals claiming scientific expertise. Science is the password today with those who study social and political problems. They label themselves social scientists and political scientists. It is, therefore, vital to the survival of our society that there exists a general understanding of what science is, what it can do and perhaps most importantly what it cannot do.
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