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Gilbert P.U.P.A., Haeberli W. Physics in the Arts

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Gilbert P.U.P.A., Haeberli W. Physics in the Arts
Elsevier Academic Press, 2008, 312 pages
A deep yet accessible analysis of the physics of light and sound, and how our eyes and ears detect them, is not only intellectually enjoyable, but also useful to understand and interpret the world in which we live, all the phenomena that take place around us, and how we perceive them. In short, how we interface with our planet, its inhabitants, and their creations. Understanding the physics of light and sound may also increase the appreciation for works of art and for art itself, and even stimulate the artists among the readers to deepen their knowledge of their media, of how people interface with them, and perhaps improve their art production.
Offers an alternative route to science literacy for those interested in the arts, music and photography
Popular science book with wide readership beyond the classroom at an accessible level
Material covered at a level appropriate for self-study or as a complementary textbook
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