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Hurley P. Practical Hydrogen Systems: an Experimenter's Guide

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Hurley P. Practical Hydrogen Systems: an Experimenter's Guide
Wheelock Mountain Publications, 2006. — 378 p.
The author shares the details of his high quality, self-pressurized stainless steel hydrogen generator, and offers valuable insight into components, subsystems and processes involved in the production of hydrogen. Hurley's innovative small scale system is designed for ease of fabrication and a minimum of components - in versatile modular configurations that make experimenting and customizing easy. This hydrogen-generating system features automatic pressure control, and the e-book includes complete schematics for the electronic/electromechanical process controller, as well as over 230 other illustrations.
Designing Hydrogen Systems
The Design Process
Working with Materials
Safety, Design and Operating Guidelines
Process Control Safety in Hydrogen Systems
Pressurized Hydrogen Systems
Building the Hydrogen System
System Overview
Tools and Materials
Electrolyte Reservior & Pump
Pressure Tank and Sight Glass
Electrolyzer and Electrolyte
Bubbler Scrubber System
Connections and Pressure Balancing
Storage Tank and Peripherals
Catalytic Recombiner and Subsystem
Process Controller
Hydrogen System Operation
System Setup
Operating Procedure
Calculations for Production & Storage
Working with Commercial Hydrogen Cylinders
Nitrogen Purging
Hydrides for Hydrogen Storage
Commercial Fuel Cell Units
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