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Hacid M., Hassas S. Video Data

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Hacid M., Hassas S. Video Data
Издательство Kogan Page, 2002, -141 pp.
With recent progress in computer technology and decreasing storage and processing costs, it is possible for computers to store huge amounts of video data. Whilst such media are widely used in today’s communication (e.g., in the form of home movies, education and training, scholarly research), efficient storage, querying and navigation of video data are still lacking. Many databases need to be created to meet the increasing development of advanced applications such as video on demand, video/visual/multimedia databases, monitoring, virtual reality, Internet video, interactive TV, video conferencing, video e-mail, etc. These applications need new techniques and tools for managing video data. Video data management requires the contribution of many research disciplines and poses new research challenges to scientists and engineers. Image/video analysis and processing, pattern recognition and computer vision, multimedia data modelling, multidimensional indexing, man-machine interaction and data visualization, are only some of the more important research fields that contribute to this new area of research.
Augmented transition network as a semantic model for video data
Automatic video scene segmentation based on spatial-temporal clues and rhythm
Dynamic generation of video abstracts using an object-oriented video DBMS
Framework for evaluation of video-to-shots segmentation algorithms: a description scheme for editing work
Real-time synchronization of distributed multimedia applications
Active bandwidth sharing for multi-layered video in multi-source environments
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