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Salvi R. (ed.) The Navier-Stokes equations: theory and numerical methods

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Salvi R. (ed.) The Navier-Stokes equations: theory and numerical methods
Lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics. Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2002. Vol. 223, 308 p. ISBN:0-8247-0672-2
Flow in Bounded and Unbounded Domains
A Reynolds Equation Derived from the Micropolar Navier-Stokes System
Mahdi Boukrouche
More Lyapunov Functions for the Navier-Stokes Equations
Marco Cannone and Fabrice Planchon
On the Nonlinear Stability of the Magnetic Benard Problem
Vincenzo Coscia, Giovanna Guidoboni, and Mariarosaria Padula
Stability of Navier-Stokes Flows through Permeable Boundaries
Joe V. Hlomuka and Niko Sauer
On Steady Solutions of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
Naoyuki Ishimura
Classical Solutions to the Stationary Navier-Stokes System in Exterior Domains
Paolo Maremonti, Remigio Russo, and Guilio Starita
Stationary Navier-Stokes Flow in Two-Dimensional Y-Shape Channel under General Outflow Condition
Hiroko Morimoto and Hiroshi Fujita
Regularity of Solutions to the Stokes Equations under a Certain Nonlinear Boundary Condition
Norikazu Saito and Hiroshi Fujita
Viscous Incompressible Flow in Unbounded Domains
Rodolfo Salvi
Life Span and Global Existence of 2-D Compressible Fluids
Paolo Secchi
On the Theory of Nonstationary Hydrodynamic Potentials
Vsevolod Solonnikov
A Note on the Blow-up Criterion for the Inviscid 2-D Boussinesq Equations
Yasushi Taniuchi
Weak Solutions to Viscous Heat-Conducting Gas 1 D-Equations with Discontinuous Data: Global Existence, Uniqueness, and Regularity
Alexander Zlotnik and Audrey Amosov
General Qualitative Theory
Regularity Criteria of the Axisymmetric Navier-Stokes Equations
Dongho Chae and Jihoon Lee
Boundary Singular Sets for Stokes Equations
Hi Jun Choe and Sanghyuk Lee
Feedback Stabilization for the 2D Navier-Stokes Equations
A.V. Fursikov
Approximation of Weak Limits via Method of Averaging with Applications to Navier-Stokes Equations Alexandre V. Kazhikhov
Asymptotic Profiles of Nonstationary Incompressible Navier-Stokes Flows in R" and R
Tetsuro Miyakawa
Remark on the U Decay for Weak Solution to Equations of Non-Newtonian Incompressible Fluids in the Whole Space II
Sarka Nevcasova and Patrick Penel
Numerical Methods and Experiments
Navier-Stokes Simulations of Vortex Flows
Egon Krause
Numerical Results for the CGBI Method to Viscous Channel Flow
S. Krdutle and K. Wielage
Isothermal Drop-Wall Interactions: Introduction to Experimental and Numerical Studies
Marco Marengo, Rubens Scardovelli, Christophe Josserand, and Stephane Zaleski
Convergence of the Interface in the Finite Element Approximation for Two-Fluid Flows
Katsushi Ohmori
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