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Cooper C. Matter

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Cooper C. Matter
Darling Kindersley, Eyewitness, 2000. — 64 p.
The creators of the distinguished Eyewitness series have maintained the same high standards of writing and illustration in these four inaugural Eyewitness Science titles. Sharp, seemingly three-dimensional photos and intricate drawings accompany skillfully distilled texts that explain complex scientific principles and issues without oversimplifying them. The respective volumes identify the basic properties of light; the sources and use of electricity; the laws of force, energy and motion; and the various kinds of matter. In each large-format book, pictures and text work together to offer a lucid chronicle of pertinent experiments, discoveries and inventions from ancient times to the present. Whether in search of a quick answer or interested in delving into a topic in detail, youngsters will find that these information-packed books fill their needs handily. Ages 8-up. .
What is matter?
Ideas of the Greeks.
Investigating matter.
Solid matter.
The world of crystals.
Metals and alloys.
Properties of liquids.
Gases and their properties.
Changes of state.
Colloids and glasses.
Mixtures and compounds.
Conservation of matter.
Burning matter.
Charting the elements.
The building blocks.
Molecules in motion.
Carbon rings and chains.
Living matter.
Designing molecules.
Inside the atom.
Electrons, shells, and bonds.
Architecture of the nucleus.
Splitting the atom.
Hot matter.
Subatomic particles.
The four forces.
The birth and death of matter.
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