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Cember H., Johnson T. Introduction to Health Physics

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Cember H., Johnson T. Introduction to Health Physics
McGraw-Hill Medical, New York, 2009, 873 Pages
A dynamic, all-inclusive overview of the field of health physics.
If it's an important topic in the field of health physics, you'll find it in this trusted text .
A thorough overview of need-to-know topics, from a review of physical principles to a useful look at the interaction of radiation with matter
More than 380 "Homework Problems" and 175+ "Example Problems"
Essential background material on quantitative risk assessment for radiation exposure
Authoritative radiation safety and environmental health coverage that supports the International Commission on Radiological Protection's standards for specific populations
High-yield appendices to expand your comprehension of chapter material
Essential coverage of non-ionizing radiation, lasers and microwaves, computer use in dose calculation, and dose limit recommendations
Review of Physical Principles
Atomic and Nuclear Structure
Radiation Sources
Interaction of Radiation with Matter
Radiation Dosimetry
Biological Basis for Radiation Safety
Radiation Safety Guides
Health Physics Instrumentation
External Radiation Safety
Internal Radiation Safety
Evaluation of Radiation Safety Measures
Nonionizing Radiation Safety
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