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Boyle G. (Ed.) Renewable Electricity and the Grid: The Challenge Of Variability

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Boyle G. (Ed.) Renewable Electricity and the Grid: The Challenge Of Variability
Earthscan Publications Ltd., London, 2007, Pages: 219
The energy available from wind, waves, tides and the sun varies in ways which may not match variations in energy demand. Assimilating these fluctuations will affect the output of other forms of generation and the operation and economics of electricity networks and markets. Are these problems significant, or can these new sources be integrated into the grid system without the need for extensive backup or energy storage capacity?
Variable Renewables and the Grid: An Overview
Wind Power on the Grid
Renewable Resource Characteristics and Network Integration
The UK Energy Research Centre Review of the Costs and Impacts of Intermittency
Wind Power Forecasting
Flexibility of Fossil Fuel Plant in a Renewable Energy Scenario: Possible Implications for the UK
The Potential Contribution of Emergency Diesel Standby Generators in Dealing with the Variability of Renewable Energy Sources
Demand Flexibility, Micro-Combined Heat and Power and the ‘Informated’ Grid
A Renewable Electricity System for the UK
Reliable Power, Wind Variability and Offshore Grids in Europe
Planning for Variability in the Longer Term: The Challenge of a Truly Sustainable Energy System
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