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Basu R., Wright N. Quality Beyond Six Sigma

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Basu R., Wright N. Quality Beyond Six Sigma
ISBN 0 7506 5561 5
2003, Elsevier Science Ltd. 200p.
The development of TQM has seen the introduction and adoption of many
dialects and components, including quality circles, international systems and
standards, statistical process control (SPC), business process re-engineering
BPR), lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, benchmarking and
business excellence.
An approach finding favour in some companies was Six Sigma, most
famously used in Motorola, General Electric and Allied Signal. This
operationalized TQM into a project-based system, based on delivering tangible
business benefits, often directly to the bottom line. Strange combinations of
the various approaches have led to Lean Sigma and other company specific
acronyms such as ‘Statistically Based Continuous Improvement (SBCI)’.
The authors of this book have looked at the history of what I call TQM
and developed another approach – Fit Sigma – which they hope will address
some of the failures in the implementation of earlier projects and
programmes, particularly in smaller companies and service organizations.
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