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Hewlett P.C. (ed.) Lea's Chemistry of Cement and Concrete

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Hewlett P.C. (ed.) Lea's Chemistry of Cement and Concrete
4th ed. Elsevier. 2004. 1066 p.
The cement industry itself has changed on the world stage, and there have been major improvements in the manufacturing process and quality control leading to a more uniform product. With the significant growth of the ready mixed and precast concrete industries over the past 40 years, customer demand has also changed (e.g. higher early strength for precasting). Finally in this Hst of changes in a changing world, the attitude of the ultimate customers for cement and concrete - the owners of structures - has been conditioned by the growing concern about durability. The somewhat disappointing durability performance of a proportion of the vast numbers of concrete structures built since the 1960s - interspersed by major concerns such as alkali-silica reaction (ASR) and the still persistent corrosion issue (due mainly to chlorides, in their various forms) - has provoked a much greater interest in the properties of cement and concrete on the part of a wider cross-section of the construction industry, and, indeed, by the public at large. This continuing saga, no doubt fuelled by fresh concerns over environmental and sustainability issues, will maintain that interest in the future, and will demonstrate the need for a further edition of this book in the years to come!
The History of Calcareous Cements
Portland Cement: Classification and Manufacture
Cement Components and Their Phase Relations
The Constitution and Specification of Portland Cements
The Burning of Portland Cement
Hydration, Setting and Hardening of Portland Cement
Resistance of Concrete to Destructive Agencies
Physicochemical and Mechanical Properties of Portland Cements
The Production of Low-Energy Cements
Pozzolana and Pozzolanic Cements
Cements Made From Blastfurnace Slag
Microsilica as an Addition
Calcium Aluminate Cements
Special Cements
Cement Admixtures
Concrete Aggregates
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