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Acharya T., Tsai P.-S. JPEG2000 Standard for Image Compression. Concepts, Algorithms and VLSI Architectures

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Acharya T., Tsai P.-S. JPEG2000 Standard for Image Compression. Concepts, Algorithms and VLSI Architectures
Издательство John Wiley, 2005, -292 pp.
The growing demand for interactive multimedia technologies, in various application domains in this era of wireless and Internet communication, necessitated a number of desirable properties to be included in image and video compression algorithms. Accordingly, current and future generation image compression algorithms should not only demonstrate state-of-the-art performance, it should also provide desirable functionalities such as progressive transmission in terms of image fidelity as well as resolution, scalability, region-of-interest coding, random access, error resilience, handling large-size images of different types, etc. Many of these desired functionalities are not easily achievable by the current JPEG standard. The algorithms to implement different modes of the current JPEG standard are independent from each other. The lossless compression algorithm in current JPEG standard is completely different from the lossy compression mode and also the progressive and hierarchical modes. JPEG2000 is the new still image compression standard that has been developed under the auspices of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The systems architecture of this new standard has been defined in such a unified manner that it offers a single unified algorithmic framework and a single syntax definition of the code-stream organization so that different modes of operations can be handled by the same algorithm and the same syntax definition offers the aforementioned desirable functionalities. Moreover, the JPEG standard was defined in 1980s before the emergence of the Internet age. Many developments since then have changed the nature of research and development in multimedia applications and communication arena. The JPEG2000 standard takes these new developments into consideration.
The JPEG2000 algorithm has been developed based on the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) technique as opposed to the discrete cosine transform (DCT) based current JPEG. The nature of DWT helps to integrate both the lossless and lossy operations into the same algorithmic platform as well as it allows one to perform different kinds of progressive coding and decoding in the same algorithmic platform. Also the bit-plane coding of the transformed coefficients and the underlying structure of the bitstream syntax is very suitable to achieving different progressive operations during both encoding and decoding.
In this book, we present the basic background in multimedia compression techniques and prepare the reader for detailed understanding of the JPEG2000 standard. We present both the underlying theory and principles behind the algorithms of the JPEG2000 standard for scalable image compression. We have presented some of the open issues that are not explicitly defined in the standard. We have shown how the results achieved in different areas in information technology can he applied to enhance the performance of the JPEG2000 standard for image compression. We also introduced the VLSI architectures and algorithms for implementation of the JPEG2000 standard in hardware. The VLSI implementation of JPEG2000 will be an important factor in the near future for a number of image processing applications and devices such as digital camera, color fax, printer, scanner, etc. We also compile the latest publications and results in this book. Throughout the book we have provided sufficient examples for easy understanding by the readers.
Introduction to Data Compression
Source Coding Algorithms
JPEG: Still Image Compression Standard
Introduction to Discrete Wavelet Transform
LSI Architectures for Discrete Wavelet Transforms
JPEG2000 Standard
Coding Algorithms in JPEG2000
Code-Stream Organization and File Format
LSI Architectures for JPEG2000
Beyond Part 1 of JPEG2000 Standard
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