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Yang D.T., Kyriakakis C., Jay Kuo C.-C. High-Fidelity Multichannel Audio Coding

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Yang D.T., Kyriakakis C., Jay Kuo C.-C. High-Fidelity Multichannel Audio Coding
Hindawi, 2006. — 233 p.
Audio is one of the fundamental elements in multimedia signals. Audio signal processing has attracted attention from researchers and engineers for several decades. By exploiting unique features of audio signals and common features of all multimedia signals, researchers and engineers have been able to develop more efficient technologies to compress audio data. Although books on digital audio have been available some time, the subject of multichannel audio coding techniques has not yet been addressed in great detail.
With many years of teaching and research in the field of digital audio signal processing and digital audio compression, we see a need for an advanced audio coding book that covers recent developments in this field. When we started this book project, we had a smaller scope. Our objective was to present several innovative compression techniques for multichannel audio sources and publish it as a research monograph. However, after the first draft, we received valuable comments from our colleagues and anonymous reviewers. With their encouragement, we decided to extend the coverage of the book by including more background material to make it a senior undergraduate or a graduate level textbook on advanced audio coding techniques. Special thanks also go to Dr. Hongmei Ai for her valuable discussions and suggestions when we developed and tested our new audio coding algorithms.
This book includes three parts. The first part covers the basic topics on audio compression, such as quantization, entropy coding, psychoacoustic models, and sound quality assessment. The second part of the book highlights the current most prevalent low-bit-rate high-performance audio coding standard—MPEG-4 Audio. More emphasis is given to the audio standards that are capable of supporting multichannel signals, that is, MPEG Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), including the original MPEG-2 AAC specification, additional MPEG-4 toolsets, and the most recent aacPlus standard. The third part of this book introduces several innovative multichannel audio coding methods, which can further improve the coding performance and expand the available functionalities of MPEG AAC. This section is more suitable for graduate students and researchers.
Introduction to digital audio
Entropy coding
ntroduction to psychoacoustics
Subjective evaluation of audio codecs
MPEG-4 audio coding tools
MPEG advanced audio coding
Introduction to new audio coding tools
Interchannel redundancy removal and channel-scalable decoding
Adaptive Karhunen-Loeve transform and its quantization efficiency
Progressive syntax-rich multichannel audio codec
Error-resilient scalable audio codec design
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