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Bak P. How nature works: the science of self-organized criticality

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Bak P. How nature works: the science of self-organized criticality
Springer-Verlag, 1996. — 212 p.
Complexity and Criticality. The Discovery of Self-Organized Criticality. The Sandpile Paradigm. Real Sandpiles ana Landscape Formation. Earthquakes, Starquakes, and Solar Flares.The Game or Life: Complexity Is Criticality. Is Life a Self-Organized. Mass Extinctions and Punctuated Equilibria. Theory of the puctuated equilibrium model. The Brain. On Economics and Traffic Jams.
Preface and Acknowledgments
Complexity and Criticality
The Laws of Physics Are Simple, but Nature Is Complex
Storytelling Versus Science
What Can a Theory of Complexity Explain?
Power Laws and Criticality
Systems in Balance Are Not Complex
Chaos Is Not Complexity
Self-Organized Critically
The Discovery of Self-Organized Criticality
Science at Brookhaven
Where Does 1/f "Noise" Come From?
Susan Coppersmith's Dog Model
On Coupled Pendulums
The Philosophy of Using Simple Models:
On Spherical Cows
The Pendulums Become Critical
The Sandpile Paradigm
The Sandpile Model
Life in the Sandpile World
Can We Calculate the Power Laws with Pen and Paper?
Real Sandpiles and Landscape Formation
Real Sand
Norwegian Rice Piles
Vicsek’s Landslide Experiment: The Origin
of Fractals
Himalayan Sand piles
Sediment Deposition
Geomorphology: Landscapes Out of Balance
Earthquakes. Starquakes and Solar Flares
Self-Organization of Earthquakes
A Misprint Leads 'to Progress
Rumbling Around Stromboli
The Crust of the Earth Is Critical
Pulsar Glitches and Srarquakes
Black Holes and Solar Flares
The Game of Life : Complexity Is Criticality
Is Life a Self-Organized Critical Phenomenon?
The Sania Fe Institute
Sandpiles and Punctuated Equilibria
Interacting Dancing Fitness Landscapes
Mass Extinctions and Punctuated Equilibria in a Simple Model of Evolution
Can We Model Darwin? ,
A Science Project for a Sunday Afternoon
Life at a Cold Place
Comparison with Real Data
On Dinosaurs and Meteors
Dante Chialvo’s Evolutionary Game
Self-Organized Criticality and Gaia
Replaying the Tape of Evolution
Theory of the Punctuated Equilibrium Model
What Is a Theory?
The Random Neighbor Version of the Evolution Model
The Self-Organizarion Process .
The Critical State
Revisiting the Game of Life
Revisiting Earthquakes
The Brain
Why Should the Brain Be Critical?
The Monkey Problem
The Brain and River Networks
On Economics and Traffic Jams
Equilibrium Economics Is Like Water
Real Economics Is Like Sand
Simple Toy Model of a Critical Economy
Fluctuations and Catastrophes Are Unavoidable
Traffic Jams
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