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Meana H.P. Advances in Audio and Speech Signal Processing. Technologies and Applications

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Meana H.P. Advances in Audio and Speech Signal Processing. Technologies and Applications
Издательство Idea Group, 2007, -465 pp.
Speech is no doubt the most essential medium of human interaction.
By means of modern digital signal processing, we can interact, not only with others, but also with machines. The importance of speech/audio signal processing lies in preserving and improving the quality of speech/audio signals. These signals are treated in a digital representation where various advanced digital-signal-processing schemes can be carried out adaptively to enhance the quality.
Here, special care should be paid to defining the goal of quality. In its simplest form, signal quality can be measured in terms of signal distortion (distance between signals). However, more sophisticated measures such as perceptual quality (the distance between human perceptual representations), or even service quality (the distance between human user experiences), should be carefully chosen and utilized according to applications, the environment, and user preferences. Only with proper measures can we extract the best performance from signal processing.
Thanks to recent advances in signal processing theory, together with advances in signal processing devices, the applications of audio/speech signal processing have become ubiquitous over the last decade. This book covers various aspects of recent advances in speech/audio signal processing technologies, such as audio signal enhancement, speech and speaker recognition, adaptive filters, active noise canceling, echo canceling, audio quality evaluation, audio and speech watermarking, digital filters for audio effects, and speech technologies for language therapy.
Introduction to Audio and Speech Signal Processing
Audio and Speech Signal Processing Technology
Digital Filters for Digital Audio Effects
Spectral-Based Analysis and Synthesis of Audio Signals
DSP Techniques for Sound Enhancement of Old Recordings
Speech and Audio Watermarking Methods
Digital Watermarking Techniques for Audio and Speech Signals
Audio and Speech Watermarking and Quality Evaluation
Adaptive Filter Algorithms
Adaptive Filters: Structures, Algorithms, and Applications
Adaptive Digital Filtering and Its Algorithms for Acoustic
Active Noise Canceling: Structures and Adaption Algorithms
Differentially Fed Artificial Neural Networks for Speech Signal Prediction
Feature Extraction Algorithms and Speech Speaker Recognition
Introduction to Speech Recognition
Advanced Techniques in Speech Recognition
Speaker Recognition
Speech Technologies for Language Therapy
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