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Sachs M. Quantum Mechanics and Gravity

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Sachs M. Quantum Mechanics and Gravity
Springer, 2003, 191 p. My research program, as it has developed over the past 40 years in the literature, started with the attempt to answer the following question: is it possible that the formal structure of quantum mechanics is not more than a linear approximation for a theory of matter that is based on the foundations of Einstein's theory of general relativity, as a general theory of matter? For if this were the case it would signify a genuine paradigm change in physics, from linearity, indeterminism and the fundamental role of probability and measurement, to views of holism, continuity, nonlinearity and determinism, where measurement and probability play no fundamental role. It would be a change from an atomistic model based on the epistemology of logical positivism, to a holistic view of the universe, based on the epistemology of realism. In the latter holistic ontology, the 'things' that we identify, for example, with electron, proton, DNA molecule, people, planets, galaxies, etc., are not separable, singular entities; rather, each is of the infinite distribution of real, distinguishable manifestations of the single continuous universe- of its correlated, though inseparable modes.
The basic attempt, then, in this book, is to initiate a study of a single, coherent theory of matter applicable to all domains - from elementary particle physics to cosmology. The approach taken is that of a fully exploited theory of general relativity, from its mathematical and conceptual bases.
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