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Sachs M. Quantum mechanics from general relativity

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Sachs M. Quantum mechanics from general relativity
D. Reidel Publishing Company, 1986, 241 p. This monograph is a sequel to my earlier work, General Relativity and Matter, which will be referred to henceforth as GRM. The monograph, GRM, focuses on the full set of implications of General Relativity Theory, as a fundamental theory of matter in all domains, from elementary particle physics to cosmology. It is shown there to exhibit an explicit unification of the gravitation and electromagnetic fields of force with the inertial manifestations of matter, expressing the latter explicitly in terms of a covariant field theory within the structure of this general theory. This monograph will focus, primarily, on the special relativistic limit of the part of this general field theory of matter that deals with inertia, in the domain where quantum mechanics has been evoked in contemporary physics as a fundamental explanation for the behavior of elementary matter.
This monograph is addressed primarily to graduate students and other advanced researchers in theoretical physics and mathematics, and in the other sciences, concerned with the problems of elementary matter. It is assumed that the reader is acquainted with the concepts and mathematical formulations of nonrelativistic and relativistic quantum mechanics, as well as
electromagnetic theory.
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