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Microwave Journal 2011 №07

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Microwave Journal 2011 №07
David Vye, Microwave Journal Editor. Invited papers from leaders in the area of automotive EMI simulation and test systems – Ansys, CsT and ETs-Lindgren – provide an update on the challenges for integrated wireless systems into the next generation of automobiles and recent changes to their tools that will help address EMI:
Automotive EMI/EMC Simulation (Markus Kopp, ANSYS Corp. and Juliano Fujioka Mologni, ESSS).
3D EMC/EMI Simulation of Automotive Multimedia Systems (Matthias Tröscher, CST).
An Update on Automotive EMC Testing (Kefeng Liu, ETS-Lindgren).
Anritsu Co. Introduction to broadband VnA system that provides single-sweep coverage from 70 kHz to 110 GHz with operation from 40 kHz to 125 GHz utilizing an advanced design that eliminates the need for large, heavy mmWave modules and combiners.
Hans O Johansson, Sivers IMA. Advantages and discussion of 60 GHz millimeter-wave technology presenting an optimal opportunity translating into reliable and affordable gigabit-plus wireless connections.
Graham Riley, Agilent EEsof EDA. Presentation of a simulation-based qualification method, offering designers a means of testing FET device models for critical large-signal, high frequency behavioral characteristics at the operating point required by an application.
Zhaolong Li and Xuping Zhang, Nanjing University; Ke Wu and Xiaoping Chen, École Polytechnique de Montréal. Presentation of a measurement method for IP3 that provides the ability to measure the third-order IMD with two-tone frequency widely separated in the range of a few hundred megahertz.
T. AlSharabati and Y. Chen, University of South Carolina. Analysis of the W-CDMA and GSM TX noise and their effects on GPS performance inside the 3G mobile handset.
Skyworks. Presentation of a new isolator/circulator featuring IMD performance better than -90 dBc.
AnaPico Ltd. Introduction to a low cost, portable signal generator product line with frequency coverage to 20 GHz.
Constant Wave. Introduction of the Spectro VNA vector network analyzer software brings the power of joint time frequency domain processing to VNAs.
INTEGRATED Engineering Software. Introduction to a new time domain solver and high frequency tool for modeling and simulating 3D RF and microwave applications.
Stanford Research Systems. Introduction to a DC to 4 GHz high performance, affordable RF source.
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