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Spurk J.H., Aksel N. Fluid Mechanics

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Spurk J.H., Aksel N. Fluid Mechanics
2nd edition. Springer, 2008 p. 531 p. ISBN:3540735364
This successful textbook emphasizes the unified nature of all the disciplines of Fluid Mechanics as they emerge from the general principles of continuum mechanics. The different branches of Fluid Mechanics, always originating from simplifying assumptions, are developed according to the basic rule: from the general to the specific.
The first part of the book contains a concise but readable introduction into kinematics and the formulation of the laws of mechanics and thermodynamics. The second part consists of the methodical application of these principles to technology. This book is offered to engineers, physicists and applied mathematicians; it can be used for self study, as well as in conjunction with a lecture course.
This second English version is the translation of the very successful seventh German book, significantly expanded by a new chapter about creeping flows. In addition, sections about thin-film flow and flow through porous media are added and thus the book gives a complex introduction to the wide area of fluid mechanics.
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