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Microwave Journal 2010 №08

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Microwave Journal 2010 №08
Moray Rumney, Agilent Technologies Inc. Introduction to the standardization efforts for MIMO over-the-air testing.
Michael D. Foegelle, ETS-Lindgren. Introduction to the classical anechoic chamber method for creating spatially diverse test signals.
Derek Skousen, MI Technologies; Charlie Orlenius, Bluetest. Explanation as to why the reverberation chamber is uniquely suited to provide insight into MIMO device performance.
Madhu Gurumurthy, Spirent Communications. Exploration of the relationship between variations in correlation in a cellular MIMO system and data throughput.
Xiongwen Zhao, Elektrobit (EB). Evaluation of the performance of several internal PIFA prototypes for a satellite-terrestrial handset for multipath fading channels.
Rohde & Schwarz. Introduction to two- and four-channel oscilloscopes with a bandwidth of 1 or 2 GHz and a sampling rate of 10 Gsample/s per channel.
RT Logic. Use of a real time channel simulator for a broad range of IF and RF hardware-in-the-loop research and development, test, operational and training applications.
Azimuth Systems. Presentation of a drive test solution for measuring real channels to be replayed in a lab.
Rogers Corp. Development of laminates and prepreg for use in compact, multilayer power amplifier designs.
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