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Microwave Journal 2010 №09

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Microwave Journal 2010 №09
David Vye, Microwave Journal Editor. Discussion of the current state of the mobile device industry with three industry executives/
Gilles Dambrine, General Chairman, EuMW 2010; Ivar Bazzy, President, Horizon House Publications. A brief introduction to European Microwave Week 2010 events scheduled in Paris.
Richard Mumford, Microwave Journal International Editor. Basic information to help you get to and around Paris, as well as activities planned for European Microwave Week.
2010 EuMW Exhibitor List. An alphabetical listing of companies participating in the European Microwave Week exhibition and their respective booth numbers.
Richard Mumford, Microwave Journal International Editor. Microwave Journal’s annual overview of the current state, areas of activity and trends of microwave technology in Europe.
Mauro Marchetti, Anteverta Microwave B.V. Application of mixed-signal techniques used to extend the capabilities of traditional active load-pull setups.
Ulrich L. Rohde and Ajay K. Poddar, Synergy Microwave Corp. Introduction to a solution for a crystal resonator-based voltage-controlled crystal oscillator for reduction in phase noise.
Chia-Shih Cheng, Hsien-Chin Chiu, Shao-Wei Lin and Jeffrey S. Fu, Chang Gung University. Use of electric-field modification by field plate in improving the large-signal performance of GaAs-based microwave PHEMTs.
Thai Hoa Duong and Ihn S. Kim, Kyung Hee University. Introduction to an ultra-wideband bandpass filter with sharp roll-off characteristics in a stripline structure.
Wen-Shan Chen and Yen-Hao Yu, Southern Taiwan University. Design of a printed rhombic arm dipole antenna with parasitic elements and a band-rejection characteristic for dual-band WLAN applications.
Hittite Microwave Corp. Introduction to an active bias controller housed in a compact, RoHS compliant QFN surface-mount technology package.
Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. Design of a fully symmetric 3G single pole six throw RF switch for 3G front-end modules used in multi-band GSM/EDGE/W-CDMA handsets.
RFConnext Inc. Development of a broadband probing technology providing a single action connection to unplanned or pre-planned surface-mount pads.
Anaren Inc. Launch of a family of hybrid and directional couplers for wireless infrastructure applications.
Fujitsu Semiconductor America Inc. Introduction to a transceiver designed for multimode, multiband LTE, UMTS and EDGE mobile handsets.
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