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Microwave Journal 2010 №10

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Microwave Journal 2010 №10
Michael Sieber and Attila Simon, European Defense Agency (EDA). In-depth overview of current European research and technology activities for radio frequency and microwave applications.
MITEQ Inc. Introduction to a solid-state power amplifier providing better than 15 W (+43 dBm) saturated output power from 26 to 31 GHz.
S.J. Caprio. Presentation of the effects of spurious responses in ESM receivers used to geo-locate threat emitters.
A. Nešic´, I. Radnovic´, Z. Mic´ic´ and S. Jovanovic´, IMTEL Institute. Presentation of a linear printed array with pentagonal dipoles as radiating elements operating on second resonance enabling high side lobe suppression.
Chien-Cheng Wei, Chin-Ta Fan, Ta-Hsiang Chiang, Ming-Kuen Chiu and Shao-Pin Ru, Tong Hsing Electronic Industries Ltd. Introduction to a direct plated copper metallized substrate suitable for radio frequency and microwave package design.
J. Cheng, S. Li, B. Han and J. Gao, East China Normal University; X. Yao, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. Presentation of the modeling of the test structure of a radio frequency metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor up to 40 GHz.
D. Kaddour, J.D. Arnould and P. Ferrari, ESISAR. Proposed topology of a semi-lumped ultra-wideband bandpass filter with improved out-of-band performance based on the combination of low-pass and high-pass filters.
Andrei Grebennikov, Alcatel-Lucent. Design and measurement of a broadband transmission-line GaN HEMT power amplifier covering the 1.7 to 2.7 operating frequency range.
HUBER+SUHNER AG. Development of a power sub-miniature space connector optimized for corona, multi-paction and overheating effects.
Rogers Corp. Introduction to printed-circuit-board laminates with thin-film resistive foils for integral planar resistors.
United Monolithic Semiconductors SAS. Development of a complete solution for high performance T/R modules based on internal fully qualified and space evaluated processes.
Integra Technologies Inc. Introduction to an amplifier designed for RF pulsed power for S-band linear accelerator or linac applications.
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